The Ol’ Blue Ox

Tim F. Thornton

Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. Proverbs 14:4 NLT

The Ol' Blue Ox

Meet the Ol’ Blue Ox. She’s an ’06 Sienna. Lots of you have seen us pull her up to your house or church building and unload fiddles, guitars, CDs and kids galore. She’s our prayer chapel, worship rehearsal space, the kids’ movie theater, and generally our home away from home when we travel and minister and we love her. Our van is our “ox,” an investment that helps us get around to work the harvests the Lord sends us to bring in. And we’re getting her ready for a big adventure.

First, I’m taking Laurie to Crested Butte for a weekend of celebration for our tenth anniversary! Then we’re taking the whole family on a road trip to see Laurie’s dad in Las Vegas, to visit the Hilterbrands and minister at Lifetree in Madera Ranchos, CA, then after some family adventures we’ll stop in Provo to see the Seevincks and minister at The Fellowship in Sandy, UT on the way home.

Only problem is, according to the metaphor of the proverb, our stable needs some attention. Actually, it’s more than maintenance–our ox needs some healing! We have had her in the shop this week to fix up a few things before the trip and…well…we prayed that God would “reveal everything that needed to be revealed.”

He answered. Bigtime.

He revealed almost exactly $3,000 worth of needed repair and maintenance. Two new catalytic converters, a starter, a ball joint and alignment, and all four brakes.

This is beyond our own financial ability right now, but we are thankful to be part of a larger story and we are full of faith in God to provide where he guides. We actually kind-of relish being in situations that are beyond us because they become the best God-stories later. Although I have flirted briefly with the idea of being stressed out about the car repairs, I am actually so glad to be dealing with them now, rather than days from now in, say, Death Valley.

Normally we would only send this kind of thing to partners who have expressed a desire to know about our needs and travels, etc., but I felt like there was an invitation to keep our wider circle in the know about our travels and also to make both our process and our needs known. If you feel led to give a large or small offering toward the $2,998.99 we need to help us keep the Ox running, it’s tax deductible and there are instructions for all kinds of ways to give on our donate page. Thank you in advance for your gifts and your prayers.



October 16, 2014